Karla Bannister Mystery Series

A Killer Design Cover  Smashwords A Killer Design  – Book 1

Karla Bannister worked hard to become an interior designer. In order to be known as a professional in Georgia, Karla must qualify to take a two day exam. Karla has the education and after completing three more supervised projects she will have the 3500 plus hours to take the exam.
Karla has minimal problems with one project and major problems with the other two. One major problem is the murder of Clarice Garrison’s husband Matt. Clarice and Karla find Matt’s body and Clarice is a suspect murder. There is nothing like a murder to hold up your career progress. There is nothing like being murdered to hold up your life’s progress.
Meet Karla Bannister a middle aged woman working on her second career. Her career in her dream job may become a nightmare.



Overdosed on GypBrd Cover Overdosed On Gypsum Board – Book 2

When the female doctor leading the remodeling of a clinic is found dead in the empty space by Karla Bannister, the design project is complicated with indecision by the other staff members. The problems get worse when another of the staff is accused of the murder. If that isn’t bad, Karla is attacked for reasons that come to her almost too late in the design progress. Several acts of destruction occur to the clinic raises more suspicions. The project appears to be headed to a disastrous finish. More questions arise when Karla’s home is burglarized and another staff member is beaten. Will Karla discover who is causing all of this trouble before it is too late?

Amazon SpecMur Final Cover Image Specified Murder Book 3

Karla Bannister is assigned to design the interiors for a golf themed hotel and motel in time for the most popular golf tournament in Georgia next to the Masters, the FedEx playoffs, she is met with difficult clients, tight wad clients and a mysterious financial planner. Things get worse when food is intentionally poisoned and she is one of the casualties. She must get well in time to pull off some of the most amazing work and stay alive in the process. She comes face to face with her rival Ursula. Those are just a few things that jeopardize Karla’s design projects not to mention she has returned to school. Karla must do all of this to meet a deadline and stay alive to see the design to completion.

Material Witness Cover

Material Witness  – Book 4

Will Karla Bannister’s latest design projects put her life in jeopardy again before she can give them the final walk through? Will Karla’s nemesis, Ursula commission her to work on her final project and will it be the end of Karla and Justin?

Karla witnessed men rushing away from a shopping area where she saw her rival Ursula with a man other than Justin. She is so happy for Ursula and mainly for herself. But what happens when Ursula is considered a suspect in her lover’s murder? Guess who she gets to help her out?

Gus Park is a known criminal who made a love connection with Ursula Houlis. But another woman threatens their happiness. A confrontation occurs and Ursula is the likely suspect that puts her career in danger. She asks her Karla to help her prove her innocence.






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