Karla Bannister & Fallon Striker Mystery Series

The series is a combination of mystery and interior design practices from the point of view of a woman who retooled her skills. Karla is an example of what many women face after many years of working for one organization and later finding their dream job.

Karla’s analytical skills helps her solve the predicaments she finds herself facing.  She is passionate about her work, her friends and sports.

Get to know her through her antics and designs.  She has honed the skills for everyday life as well as special situations.


As for Fallon Striker, she is the ultimate multi-tasker.  She is a family law attorney and designs custom furniture.  She is drawn into both the furniture business and the murderous side of both businesses.  Fallon has been drawn into the life of Karla as well as her boss, Allison Crowley.  She tries to balance all of her life on the scales of justice and design.


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